Playing To Strengths




Playing to Strengths is a 4 hour program that is delivered either face to face or online.


  • Learn how playing to strengths can influence success
  • Discover your unique top 5 talent themes
  • Recognise how your strengths have influenced past achievements
  • Learn how to develop and engage your strengths to achieve goals
  • Understand how strengths can impact professional presence
  • Learn how leveraging team strengths can positively impact performance
  • Develop your “best performance” profile
  • Learn strategies for managing areas of weakness
  • Understand the power of strengths based partnerships
  • Develop an action plan for putting your strengths to work

Who Should Attend

Individuals, managers and leaders – anyone seeking greater awareness and clarity on their key strengths, and how to activate them (includes StrengthsFinder® online assessment code, Top 5 & Personal Insights Strengths Report plus the e-book).