Start with talent, develop strength, deliver exceptional performance

Our vision at Growing Talent is to unlock and realise potential. Through our career counselling and development programs, we help individuals, teams and organisations maximise their talent, drive engagement and facilitate high performance.

We know that each individual holds the key to unlock their true potential, and our goal is to help discover this and achieve success.

  • "The StrengthsFinder training was excellent! It gave important insights into our team, how we work together, and how we may work best together in the future. It was a great team building exercise and we had lots of fun. On a personal level I learnt significant information about myself that I have utilised and will continue to benefit from in my future. I found Kathryn to be a dynamic, experienced and knowledgeable trainer. She was a fantastic fit for this valuable training."

    Nicole McPheeLifeline, Crisis Support, Suicide Prevention
  • "Undertaking the StrengthFinder training has provided our Team with the tools to maximise what we can achieve together. Kathryn has a thorough understanding of how applying StrengthsFinder can make a difference to an individual and the Team they work with. She is focused on supporting each recipient to maximise their learning and as a result ensure StrengthsFinder becomes the most effective training session you will ever attend."

    Jason ReidUnitingCare Community
  • "As Manager of a team with an abundance of skills, experience and talent I wanted a simple, logical method to identify these strengths and make them a collective asset.  Having worked overseas I have experienced several trait analysis philosophies, Kathryn at Growing Talent has offered analysis and implementation support above my expectations.  She easily planted the concept into my team and now we are all reaping the rewards."

    Sidney Pauga State-wide Programs Manager, UnitingCare Community
  • "We were lucky enough to have Kathryn join us for our very first Business Chicks conference, 'Movers and Breakers' held in the magical Uluru. She not only owned the stage with her presence and passion, but delivered an insightful, thought-provoking keynote on playing to your strengths in business which was extremely well received by our delegates."

    Sara JenkinsBusiness Chicks

Who We Work With

Remaining competitive in a complex, fast changing environment is a significant challenge for individuals and organisations. At Growing Talent, we believe that every person has their own slice of genius just waiting to be tapped in to.

Our purpose is to help clients achieve excellence by maximising their talent potential. We work with organisations, teams and individuals at all stages of their career, from students through to senior executives.


For Organisations

Investing in development is a crucial step towards building sustained productivity and a healthy, happy, workforce.

We partner with organisations to deliver team development, career coaching and bespoke learning solutions that facilitate growth, engagement and promote a culture of high performance.


For Individuals

We help individuals become the best version of themselves. Whether you are a graduate starting out or a leader preparing to take the next step in your career, we will help position you for success. Our coaching, and learning solutions cultivate self-awareness, and build the confidence, and capability to work effectively with others. We help to unlock potential, and empower individuals to take the steps needed to achieve their goals and develop both personally and professionally.